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Welcome Back!

After the long Covid break, it was great to have the wonderful Kaimhill kids back visit with us along with Captain Grow, aka Peter (Plot 29).

Thanks go to Hazel, Anne, Steve, Raymond, Ron and Norman for hosting groups on their plots and to Mr Skinley and his colleagues for taking the kids along to us.

The kids return on Tuesday 9 May and then for the next six weeks or so at the same times. If you can spare an hour or so between 13.00 and 14.20 and would be willing to have the kids visit on your plot we would love to hear from you.

Dung and/or Compost Opportunity

We were all disappointed to find that our local supply of cow dung had dried up – so to speak! We are investigating alternatives which can be delivered in bigger tonnages – of domestic green waste compost and/or manure.

The scrapping of the containers from site produced a one-off windfall for GFAA funds and we hope to make around four barrowloads of dung and/or domestic green waste compost available free of charge to GFAA members.

We fear demand my outpace supply, so requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below this post with your name and plot number. The compost/dung will be delivered to your plot once it is available. This may take a few weeks to organise. Bear with us.

If things work out and there is enough interest we may try to repeat this exercise.

Put a Snowdrop in your Step

Got the mid-winter blues? In need of a wee winter tonic? Here’s the perfect thing!

Thanks go to our Volunteer Margaux for suggesting this post and sending the details.

Festival Details

For those who cannot get enough snowdrops – how about these:

Community Orchard Boost

We are delighted to announce that GFAA’s application to the Scotmid Community Orchard scheme has been successful. We are to receive £200 for the purchase of fruit trees or bushes to extend out existing Community Orchard in the communal garden area on site.

Thanks go to Ron (Plot 65A) who wrote our bid and, of course, to Scotmid for offering their excellent Community Orchard Scheme.

We are tickled pink to be one of the early participants in the programme and have the chance to help add to the thousands of trees that will grow throughout local communities, from the north of England to the Highlands of Scotland – all thanks to Scotmid.

Plotters or volunteers who can offer advice, or help with purchase, planting or maintenance, please get back in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Just Transition Funding Success

ACVO have announced the winning bids in the latest round of the Scottish Government’s Just Transition Programme funding. It is a great pleasure to announce that GFAA’s Fresh Food for Frugal Families project has been awarded full funding.

The funding will facilitate our volunteers working with Kaimhill Primary School pupils to grow and cook their own vegetables and share surplus produce with local residents and the wider Aberdeen Community.

The funding will allow us to further enhance the experiences we offer to our volunteer squad and visiting community organisations including Kaimhill Primary School, while strengthening our reputation for reaching out to share the benefits of plot working with our local residents and community.

This was the first time that Garthdee Field had competed for funding within Scottish Government’s Participatory Budgeting system where, after an initial technical scrutiny, bids enter a second phase of competition where members of the public vote for their favoured projects. Twenty-two projects went forward into the public vote, 4541 valid votes were cast and GFAA secured ninth place, and so was awarded full funding. Further voting details are available here.

We would like to say a huge thanks to the nearly 2000 voters who supported our bid and a very special mention goes to our plotters and volunteers, Aberdeen City Council, Kaimhill Primary School and Inchgarth Community Centre for their very welcome support and encouragement.

Details of the 13 successful bids are available here on ACVO’s Website.

Free Greenhouse Available

GFAA has been donated this smart and tidy six by six foot greenhouse. The greenhouse is complete with all its glass, but will need to be secured to a suitable base.

Plotters are invited to email expressions of interest to by 5.00pm on Friday December 9th 2022. In the event of more than one plotter being interested a winning name will be drawn from a hat.

A donation to GFAA funds from the winning plotter will be much appreciated.

Our volunteer squad may be able to help with installation if required, but the plotter will need to supply any materials needed for the base.

UPDATE: The greenhouse has found a new home.

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