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We are much Re-leafed.

ACC delivered several loads of excellent leaves to us over the last few days. They are nicely dry and so easily handled. As the ground in the Southeast corner of the site was too wet and soft for the delivery trucks, they have been dropped off in the bay to the North of our site. Please feel free to help yourselves while stocks last – leaves were in short supply this year for some reason. It would be a great help if you could take from the western end of the pile: this will keep the car parking area free – and allow for more deliveries.

Discount Seed Purchase in 2024

New and existing GFAA Members please note that our Discount Scheme membership of the Dobies Group Scheme has a new discount code in place for 2024.

Well, it may seem that the wet and cold weather with endless named storms will never end, but in truth, Spring will come and the soil will warm up enough for seed sowing. In the meantime, it is almost time for windowsill sowings to get ahead as we wait.

Remember, if you are about to buy seeds, plants or gardening supplies, as a GFAA member or volunteer you will get a 40% discount on all seed purchases and 10% off other items – but you must use our unique discount code at the time of purchase. If you need the code, there are copies of the Dobies Catalogue with the code included in the Octagon, or just get in touch and I will be pleased to let you have it ( Once you have the code, this link will take you directly to the Dobies Website Store and Catalogue.

Note this is Dobies with one b and not the DOBBIES garden superstore here in the city.

Dobies’ Sale Seeds

Dobies have a seed sale on at the moment.

Please note this is the online seed merchants, not the local Dobbies’s Garden Centre.

If you miss the deadline, remember you can get a 40% discount on seed prices throughout the year when you use our Garthdee Field Discount Voucher. Copes of their 2024 Catalogue and a letter with the NEW Discount Code are available in the Octagon. Order online at your convenience, but you MUST use the code at the point of ordering to get the Garthdee Field 40% discount.

I am not sure our code will work with these sale purchases. Let us know if you find it does.

There are still lots of free seed packets in the Octagon Seed-Swop – many current and viable.

Seed Sale Alert

Thanks go to Pete (Plot 33) who passed on the alert and suggested this post.

DT Brown have bargain seeds for sale right now – but their sale ends at Midnight Sunday 22 October 2023. Jump in now and grab yourselves a bargain or three.

Compost: A Valuable Resource

The benefits of making your own compost are well known. The best compost requires the right blend of green and brown materials added in layers. Making your own on your plot removes the need to cart weeds and the like off site for disposal.

During the Summer we have on site plenty of free-to-all grass cuttings. These are to be found in a bin in the South-East corner of the site.

The materials in the white bags seen in the photo are coffee grounds. C-Fine deliver these grounds to us weekly. Many plotters consider coffee grounds to be a useful addition when compost making.

Please feel free to help yourself to these materials. There is nothing quite like grass cuttings to heat up and speed up your compost making.

The materials on the right side of the bin are seedy weeds dumped in the bin by a plotter. This is very disappointing. Plotters are best to compost their own weeds, or failing that, take them off site for disposal via their brown bins. They must not be dumped around the site or in communal bins.

Welcome Back!

After the long Covid break, it was great to have the wonderful Kaimhill kids back visit with us along with Captain Grow, aka Peter (Plot 29).

Thanks go to Hazel, Anne, Steve, Raymond, Ron and Norman for hosting groups on their plots and to Mr Skinley and his colleagues for taking the kids along to us.

The kids return on Tuesday 9 May and then for the next six weeks or so at the same times. If you can spare an hour or so between 13.00 and 14.20 and would be willing to have the kids visit on your plot we would love to hear from you.

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