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All About Allotments

Stuart recently tipped me off about a website called All About Allotments. It is an extensive site offering all sorts of general advice and information on having and running an allotment and offers a “gateway” into many other sites about green growing with a special focus on the UK.

Hopefully, the weather will improve soon and we will be able to get back to working our plots with safe conditions underfoot, but in the meantime, All About Allotments is well worth exploring.

Site Security

Hi Everyone,

We’ve had reports from some plotters that tools such as hoes a rake and a spade have recently gone missing as well as some specialised plants. We all need to be alert and aware of the possibility of opportunistic thefts.

If you have any security issues please let any member of the committee know.

Please also remember to secure the chain at the site entrance if you think you are the last person to leave the site in the evening. Those who open the overhead barrier should ensure that they close it when they leave, but if you discover that it has been left open inadvertently, please close it.



Going, going, gone

Sadly, a number of plotters have reported that recently, items have gone missing from their plots. Examples include hand tools from sheds, perennial and other veggies dug up from beds, bird feeders removed from fences and hand-sanitiser taken from the composting toilets.

We know that this happens from time to time, but we have had a long period relatively free of such thefts. Stuart asks that we take care to lock away items where we can, make sure communal buildings and containers are kept padlocked and report to a member of the Committee any recent losses or others in the future. It’s important that we build up a picture of how bad the problem is, as we plan an appropriate response.

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