Grow Greener with Garthdee Field Allotments Association

RGU Student Association

GFAA is delighted to have on site the RGU Student Plot as part of their Community Garden Project. This is one of a number of collaborations with RGU that go back over many years.

The Students’ Union at RGU provides both the brains and the muscles behind the Community Garden Project. The garden was funded by a grant from the Climate Change Fund (CCF), which awarded RGU Union more than £200,000 for a proposal it submitted to the Scottish Government initiative with ideas to reduce Scotland’s carbon footprint while maintaining its beautiful landscape.

The Students’ Union has since established ‘Go Green’, a sustainability initiative which provides students with the opportunity to make a significant impact on the environment by getting involved in helping the university to reduce its carbon footprint.

Anthony Browne, climate change manager at RGU’s Students’ Union,  said: “The RGU community garden project is open to anyone as an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in sustainability by producing environmentally friendly home-grown food.

“The garden will become a working allotment for people to grow their own food for free, not only helping the pocket but also helping the environment by mitigating the fuel emissions caused by the vehicles that are used to transport produce to supermarkets.”

We are delighted to be engaged with the student body and look forward to working our plots alongside them.

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  1. ieva Karzinauskaite

    How can I join?

    • Garthdee Field

      Hello, It’s my understanding that you need to contact someone at the RGY Students’ Association. I hope this helps.


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