GFAA was formed in 2010 with the following objectives:

  1. To manage and supervise Allotments at Garthdee Field for the benefit of Members of the Association in accordance with Aberdeen City Council (hereinafter ‘the Council’) Rules and Regulations;
  2. To promote a greater understanding of allotment gardening among the local community and beyond;
  3. To provide, by whatever means agreed by the Membership, support for the Members in pursuit of their activities;
  4. To foster good relations with residential neighbours, and local statutory and non-statutory bodies;
  5. To meet at least three times a year plus the AGM to discuss pertinent matters;
  6. To enter into such agreements and insurances, and manage the execution thereof, as may be deemed beneficial to the members of the Association.

Download the Constitution as a PDF.

To advance these objectives, these current priorities have been identified for the season 2024:

  1. To strengthen communication with members and widen membership participation and involvement;
  2. To encourage the use of green and sustainable gardening methods;
  3. To share good practice and gardening expertise;
  4.  To spread the benefits of plot working and being outdoors into the wider community. GFAA manage and service the site in partnership with Aberdeen City Council. Plot applications must be made via the Council. Details are available from the Council’s webpage Allotments in Aberdeen.
  5. To use local and online media better to inform the public of our activities.