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Dobies’ Sale Seeds

Dobies have a seed sale on at the moment.

Please note this is the online seed merchants, not the local Dobbies’s Garden Centre.

If you miss the deadline, remember you can get a 40% discount on seed prices throughout the year when you use our Garthdee Field Discount Voucher. Copes of their 2024 Catalogue and a letter with the NEW Discount Code are available in the Octagon. Order online at your convenience, but you MUST use the code at the point of ordering to get the Garthdee Field 40% discount.

I am not sure our code will work with these sale purchases. Let us know if you find it does.

There are still lots of free seed packets in the Octagon Seed-Swop – many current and viable.

Seeds and Compost Galore!

Spring will soon be upon us and it will be seed sowing time again. There is no excuse not to be ready with free and cheap seeds available from lots of sources for GFAA plotters.

Our Seed Swop area in the Octagon has had a Spring spruce up and has lots of veggie, herb and flower seeds ‘in stock’. Please feel free to help yourself to what you need, especially if you can bring along some of your own surplus seeds to swop. Thanks go to Raymond (Plot 95a) for adding some exciting new seeds.

Free Seeds

If you don’t find what you need in the Octagon seed swop, don’t forget that as a GFAA plotter you can buy from Dobies the Seed Merchant and get 40% off your bill for seeds (and 10% off everything else in their catalogue. There are copies of their catalogue along with a letter with our unique Discount code in the Octagon. Remember the code MUST be USED at the point of purchase or no discount is possible. You get 40% off and GFAA gets a further 10% of your spend for our funds. It’s a win win.

Treat yourself to something special at a discount

The very popular Tarland Seed Swop is another great way of getting something special at a bargain price. Thanks go to Val (Plot 23) fr this reminder.

A Great Day Out

Finally, GFAA has just secured two more tractor loads of ex-Hazlehead Compost for use by our Plotters. The new load is not quite as ‘clean’ as the first consignment, but it is still excellent, mature stuff. Help yourself, but please take a bag or bucket with you for any bits of branch, or debris you might find while filling your barrow. Please don’t leave the rejected waste to be blown about and make the site look unsightly.

Brown Gold by the tipper full

Seed Saving Resources

Thanks go to Val on Plot 23 for suggesting this post.

Val recently attended a workshop run by the Tarland Seed Saving Network. This is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable group running in the community and led by Lizzie Shepherd. Lizzie put the attached notes together and Val thought they might be of interest to other plotters. Lizzie has given her permission for these notes to be shared. Download as PDF.

Seed Swopping Time

We have set up a new seed swop point in the Octagon. Thanks go to Raymond on Plot 95A for suggesting this idea and kickstarting us with some seeds.

Val’s heritage Sutherland Kale seeds are also available and if you can’t find what you want there is a wee stock of Dobies’ catalogues with the necessary GFAA discount code that will allow you to buy new seeds at the usual 40% saving.

Please feel free to donate your extra seeds and take what you need from the stockpile.

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