Alison offers this summer special as a good way of dealing with a late summer glut of both these crops at once. For some reason, she says, it is a flavour and texture combination that really works, and freezes well.

English: Vica faba or broad beans, known in th...

English: Vica faba or broad beans, known in the US as fava beans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

garlic and/or onions if liked
stock if available – but go easy, courgettes are very wet
but can be made with just
Courgettes and Broad beans ratio about 2:1
chopped herbs to garnish if liked

do the onions and garlic in a little oil gently first if using
add the chopped courgettes and the broad beans
add stock if cooking conventionally – or just microwave the courgettes
For perfection, peel the broad beans after cooking and compost the peel, but not necessary
when everything is tender, whizz it in a blender.

stir in cream or yoghurt if liked
garnish with herbs or swirl of pesto or just some salted olive oil
Nice with crusty bread, dunked.