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Fresh Food for Frugal Families

Our Project

In the Fresh Food for Frugal Families Project, local primary pupils will work with volunteers to grow and cook their own vegetables, providing tasty, inexpensive, and healthy meals for themselves and their families. While they do so, they will develop thrifty habits and learn the importance of acting local to protect nature and the environment from Climate Change.

Together we will:

  • Experience the joys of working in teams outdoors in the fresh air
  • Grow and cook food to share with our families and local residents via TAMS
  • Learn how tasty, inexpensive and healthy home-grown food can be
  • Understand why locally grown food is better for our environment
  • explore practical ways of protecting the environment while cutting carbon
  • Learn to feed and conserve the soil to grow healthy disease-free vegetables
  • Create growing spaces safe for all sorts of bugs and beasties
  • Find out how green growing can cut emissions and protect against Climate Change
  • Recycle, repurpose and compost materials to cut down landfill waste.

How the funding will help

The Just Transition funding will allow us to enhance the experiences we offer our volunteers and school visitors by providing equipment to cut our carbon emissions and two outdoor learning spaces: a greenhouse laboratory and a solar powered workshop and classroom. These new spaces will also allow visits to go ahead in inclement weather.

Pupils will attend one afternoon a week over the full 10 week summer term. Our Volunteer Squad attends three times a week, 11 months of the year.


Happy New Year to all our plotters, volunteers and friends of GFAA. Good growing to you all in 2022!

I think this short, but powerful article will be of interest to all. It certainly got me thinking. Available via this link.

Wasps – more loveable than we think

Val (Plot 23) lead us into an interesting discussion at our General Meeting today. It seems that wasps are much maligned and far from the out and out baddies that some suggest. You can read something of the case for the defence via this link.

Our Other Residents on Site

This short video celebrates some of the wildlife species with whom we share Garthdee Field Allotments.

Photo credits and thanks go to:

  • Stuart Plot 8
  • Ruth Plot 22
  • Alan Plot 34
  • Phil Plot 35
  • Heather Plot 36A
  • David Plot 53
  • Phil Plot 57
  • Paul Plot 67
  • Shiona Plot 71B
  • Steve Plot 72
  • Norman Plot 81

If I have missed anyone off this list please let me know in the comments below and I will fix that. More photos or videos would be very welcome of course. There has never been a better time to celebrate the biodiversity of our site.

Eye Eye, who’s this?

Thanks to Paul (Plot 34) and Phil (Plot 35) for passing on these photos.

Photo Credit: Paul Plot 34

The story appears to be that the Sparrow-hawk was taking stock of its new surroundings after snacking on an unsuspecting Blackbird. Phil reports he was a very messy eater and not too bothered to tidy up afterwards either.

In full flight!

Photo Credit: Phil (Plot 57)

Thanks go to Phil (Plot 57) for making the photo available – and congratulations too for his quick reactions!

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