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Kaimhill Party-Party!

We welcomed a group of fifty Kaimhill Primary kids, staff and parents on site for the last visit of the term this week.

Huge thanks go to all the plotters who helped out on the day – some at very short notice. We were able to muster a team of over ten, making the plot visits for the near-fifty kids much more engaging and interesting. It’s great to know we can count on this sort of support when spreading the joys of gardening out to the next generation.

Scarecrow Pete casts his spell

We had a wonderful visit from Mrs McLean and her Primary Threes this week.

I think we can say a good time was had by all!

Kids at play

Everyone enjoyed the Kaimhill Kid’s visit yesterday – especially the resident big kids!

Scarecrow Pete casts his spell

We had a great visit from the Primary 3/4 kids from Kaimhill Primary today.

As always the kids enjoyed their tattle planting, veggie transplanting and flower seed sowing.

Thanks go to all of the GFAA team who turned out to help.

Party Party!

The GFAA school visits team were invited to Kaimhill for a wee party by the Primary threes and fours who had visited with us this session.  We had a great time, but plotters might want to note their reaction when they found out Peter (Plot 29) would not be able to join us.

Things changed when we said he would be back with the team next time!

What did we learn out’a school today?

Lots about growing mushrooms ….

All about muck spreading ….

Weeds make great compost ….

Everybody loves strawberries ….


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