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More COVID-19 Advice

Pat Wilson has issued this information: Plotters and volunteers should read it carefully. For convenience of volunteers, some points relating to squad activities onsite have been highlighted in red.

Dear Allotment Holder

As lockdown restriction are eased, the Scottish Government have now published further guidance on the safe use of allotments and community food-growing spaces.

It is important that all guidance is followed when visiting and working in allotments in order reduce the risk associated with Coronavirus.

The main guidance points are as follows:-

People who should not visit a community food-growing site
Anyone who should self-isolate, for example because they or a member of their household have COVID-19 symptoms, or they have been advised that they have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, should follow the NHS Inform guidance and must stay at home for the period of their self-isolation and not attend a community food-growing site. Follow the guidance on self-isolation on NHS Inform.
The NHS will also now be asking people to self-isolate who do not have symptoms, but have been in close contact with someone who has been confirmed by testing to have the virus. This is part of Test and Protect – Scotland’s approach to implementing the ‘test, trace, isolate, support’ strategy. Read more about Test and Protect.
People who have been personally advised to shield by letter should follow the shielding guidance, which includes guidance on outdoor activity. This includes maintaining strict physical distancing; choosing times and areas that are quiet, if possible; washing hands for at least 20 seconds as soon returning home.
People at higher risk from Coronavirus (including people aged over 70, people who are pregnant and people with an underlying medical condition) should strictly follow physical distancing guidance.

Onsite attendance and safety at community food-growing sites
The measures contained in this guidance should, where practicable, be communicated to volunteers and users of community food-growing spaces in advance of their attendance. Local authorities and others with responsibility for community food-growing sites should ensure the following points are adhered to onsite.

Tool sharing
The sharing of tools, gloves etc is strongly discouraged due to the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Users and volunteers at sites should be encouraged to bring their own gloves. Any onsite tools should be disinfected after each use.
Communal activities/events
Indoor communal activities are not permitted at this time. Outdoor communal activities such as outdoor cooking, training activities or open days are not permitted at this time if they involve people from more than three households, and additionally they should not involve more than 8 people in total. There should be no sharing of food or utensils onsite.
Physical distancing
Compliance with physical distancing of 2 metres including, if necessary, limiting the number of people within the site at any one time and/or considering a one-way system within the site (together with any necessary signage).
Hand hygiene
People attending a community food-growing site should be reminded of the importance of handwashing before leaving home to travel to the site, and handwashing as soon as they return home. Encourage compliance with hand hygiene guidance onsite, e.g. providing hand sanitiser or suitable hand wash facilities.
Cleaning and sanitising
Regular cleaning and sanitising of any communal or frequently used areas e.g. taps and gates. The risk of transmission of COVID-19 at communal areas such as taps and gates should be highlighted via adequate signage.
Travel to site
Remind users and volunteers of the community food-growing site that they should currently not travel further than approximately 5 miles to the site for leisure or exercise purposes. However those with a specific health condition that requires travel beyond their local area to maintain health, and those with a disability who need to travel a bit further to appropriate outdoor space, can do so.
People should be encouraged to travel to the site via active travel methods such as walking or cycling, or in their own car and only with members of their own household. People should be advised to think carefully whether they need to use public transport for travel to the site.
The use of face coverings in polytunnels and greenhouses should be encouraged where physical distancing is challenging. Air vents should be opened to maximise air flow. People must not congregate in a polytunnel, greenhouse or other onsite indoor space.

The full allotments guidance can be viewed using this link.

As per the guidance, over the next few days, signage will be placed in allotment sites to reinforce the messages with regard to the 2 metre physical distancing, hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette, COVID-19 transmission and cleaning/sanitising of communal areas.

Standing Firm

The Tuesday Volunteer Squad broke off from their gardening duties today to give a wee demonstration of what One Metre Plus Social Distancing looks like when done properly – in the Scottish style. An instructional video has been sent to Boris and Dom.

The Tuesday Squad

The Team: At left Back, Mike the Marvel; Centre Back, Dynamic Doug, Right Back and Captain, Anne: Left Winger, Aye Aye Irene, Right Winger, Heavy Metal Jordi: Centre Forward, Gorgeous Gordon.

Please say hello to our new recruits, Irene and Doug. We hope they will be regulars from now on.

The team were on top form again today taking on weeding the beds around the Orchard Fruit Trees and the South Bank and strimming around the compost bins. Big thanks go to everyone concerned for another magnificent effort.

The boys are back in town!

Well almost. I am pleased to say that with the recent relaxations to the Lockdown regulations we feel we can again invite our volunteers back on site as of Tuesday of next week – June 16.

We will be operating under slightly different conditions. In the main, to ensure safety and compliance with public health guidelines and advice we will operate future sessions under these conditions and arrangements:

  • participants will attend individually or in pairs and not in larger groups
  • individual sessions must be pre-arranged and attendance confirmed in advance
  • all activities will be undertaken individually, with participants maintaining strict social distancing at all times
  • the Octagon, Polytunnel, Bothy and other indoor spaces will remain closed and out of bounds (toilets excepted)
  • where sessions extend over a coffee break or lunchtime, participants will bring their own food, drinks, mugs, dishes etc.
  • hand sanitisers will be made available as necessary
  • tools will be provided, but not be shared during a session.

We are very much looking forward to having the gang back with us, but as always, sessions are voluntary and the decision to attend rests entirely with the individual volunteer and his/her supporter(s). Not all will be able to come. Keeping each other safe and doing our bit to beat the virus must be our priorities.

I am sure all plotters will give the squad members a warm welcome back.

Keeping spirits up

It was great to see our volunteer Gordon Mitchell on site today.

Gordon Mitchell

Gordon manages to fit a site visit to fill up our bird feeding stations into his daily exercise routine every Friday. Cheers Gordon!

What a scunner!

I am sorry to say that our ace volunteers, Mike and Gordon are not going to be able to visit with us for the next wee while. Gordon is ’embargoed’ or whatever, as he needs to self-isolate from the Covid19 virus. Boy, are we going to miss them!

Gordon at Work
Mike keeps a watchful eye

Well, we all have to do the right thing and help keep each other safe, but the volunteer sessions are just not going to feel right until we can welcome these two back. In the meantime a thousand thank yous for all your hard work and good humour. Take care boys, and keep washing those hands!

New Momentum Stars

Momentum Skills were back helping on site today for the first of a new block of visits.

Standing Left to Right: Sean, Alex, Jordi, Andrew, Christina, Alex, Nick, Davey
Sitting Left to Right: Aiden, Gemma, Stefan.

The gang put in a great shift on tasks around the site, but still found time for a good laugh in the bright, warm sunshine.

The joker in the pack.

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