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Coffee Grounds Anyone?

We have very kindly been offered spent coffee-grounds from one of Aberdeen’s baristas. A quick internet check reveals that there are differing views on how useful coffee grounds are in a garden.

However the grounds certainly have some uses and are being delivered free of charge to our site. You will find a small pile accumulating at the bottom of our allotment site beside where George dumps the grass cuttings. Please help yourself.

NEW: TAMS Veg Boxes

The Allotment Market Stall team have been in touch to announce their new weekly veg box scheme.

Dobies Update Aug 2020

A wee update on our membership of the Dobies Group Scheme for the season just finishing.

Fifteen orders were placed amounting to a total for seeds of £303. Our GFAA members saved 40% on those orders and the Association’s total discount on all items was £43.93. This discount will be paid to our funds sometime in September.

I am pleased to say we will continue to be members into the coming season on the same basis as before – plotters placing orders get 40% off seeds and 10% off everything else from the Dobies Catalogue. At the same time the Association gets a further 10% for seed orders and 5% of all else paid to our funds. A win/win I think.

Please note: The current Discount code will stop working as of 1 September after which date a new code will be issued.

Thanks to all you took part this year.

Pots Galore


Aidan O’Connor has been in touch offering the following plant pots available to allotment members, with 10% off and free delivery on all orders over £50 direct to the site. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in placing an order. Stuart. 

ItemQuantityPrice% Off
1 Litre Round Black Plant Pots108.497.64
2 Litre Round Black Plant Pots109.498.54
3 Litre Round Black Plant Pots1010.999.89
4 Litre Round Black Plant Pots1011.9910.79
5 Litre Round Black Plant Pots1012.9911.69
7.5 Litre Round Black Plant Pots1015.4913.94
10 Litre Round Black Plant Pots1015.9914.39
15 Litre Round Black Plant Pots1025.9923.39
20 Litre Round Black Plant Pots1034.4931.04
1 Litre Grey 100% Recycled Materials Plant Pots5011.4910.34

Aberdeen in Bloom

Pat has been in touch asking us to help the Council celebrate Aberdeen in Bloom.

Celebrate Aberdeen In Bloom 2020

We have had some fantastic and varied photo submissions to our Celebration so far. You can see a selection of these submission at the Celebrate Aberdeen in Bloom facebook page Celebrate-Aberdeen-in-Bloom

The submissions show the beauty, diversity and wildlife, and in some cases quirkiness, of Aberdeen’s gardens/allotments. There is indeed much to celebrate.

The celebration is currently ongoing so there is still an opportunity to submit your photos.

There are six themes for your photos – make or design a scarecrow, garden wildlife, favourite viewpoint, splash of colour, home-grown dish, and proud of my planting.

Any resident of Aberdeen can take part so encourage your friends and family to take part – there is no age restriction for submitting photographs.

The intent is that the photos would be used in an exhibition later in the year, when Government restrictions allow. However, in the meantime, you can see a selection at the Celebrate Aberdeen in Bloom facebook page Celebrate-Aberdeen-in-Bloom

The photographs should be sent to showing work in the following themes:

Make or Design a Scarecrow
Submit image of your own scarecrow, built from materials only limited by your imagination. Use recycled /upcycled materials and get creative. Alternatively submit an image of your design for one.

Garden Wildlife
Submit your favourite photograph of wildlife in your garden, nearby green space or allotment. Could be butterflies on a buddleia flower, birds feeding on nearby shrubs, or trees or insects foraging a compost pile.

Favourite Viewpoint
Choose your very favourite outdoor space in your garden, green space or allotment and tell us why in no more than 200 words? Accompany with a photograph.

Splash of Colour
Take a snapshot of your favourite flower, leaf or vegetable which injects colour into your life, the brighter the better.

Home Grown Dish
Send in a picture of your meal produced from your own grown vegetables. Meal ideas and broad outline recipes can be included, with a 200-word restriction.

Proud of my Planting
A category to represent anyone young or old to the pleasures of planting seeds or cuttings. A picture of your favourite and a description of 200 words maximum preferred but not essential.

Please remember to tell us which category best fits each photograph you are submitting.

This will be an ongoing celebration and a closing date will be determined at a later date, depending on coronavirus restriction.

We look forward to seeing what you have been up to, and what is important to you, in the garden/allotment and let’s all Celebrate Aberdeen in Bloom.

Kind regards


Good News – TAMS is Back!

Greg Welsh from the Allotment Market Stall team has been in touch to say that they feel that they can now re-start collections of surplus produce from allotment sites. Here’s what he has to say:

Hello there !I hope that everybody is doing well and you have been able to make the best of the recent tough time. On my last visit to the allotment, plots seemed to be looking better than ever.

An open air stall providing fresh local vegetables is especially valuable at this time, and after much uncertainty earlier in the year we are glad now to be able to go ahead with TAMS. I am pleased to tell you that TAMS will be starting up very soon, with the first collection on Thursday 23rd July.

We will have a Friday stall at both Seaton and Duthie Parks and a Saturday stall at Victoria Park – the same as last year.

Thank you, Greg Welsh, Stall Coordinator

GFAA have always been big supporters of TAMS and we hope this will continue this year. Remember, “profits” from sales are returned to GFAA and make a significant contribution to our funds.

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