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Tool Repair Service

Plotters will know that our Volunteer Squad does all sorts around our site and helping (in special circumstances) on individual plots.

I’m pleased to say that Gordon Bennett is turning his skills to tool repair and refurbishment on our behalf.

Better than new

If you have a special tool (hand tools only please, no power tools) in need of TLC, or a broken tool that could be repaired and put to community use, please have a word with any member of the Volunteer Squad (Anne, Plot 92a, Ron 65a or Norman Plot 81). We will be pleased to look at it.

Gordon goes hands on

Free Shelving Units

Roll up, roll up! First Come, first served. Form an orderly queue please!

GFAA have been gifted a number of industrial shelving units. We need to thank Murray from SANMAC, the company concerned, and Keith Slater who facilitated matters and transported the units to Garthdee Field for us.

The units are tall as you can see, made of metal and designed to last a lifetime. the shelves are adjustable. Obviously, they are pre-loved, as they say today. If you have a Container they will fit height-wise and of course they can be cut down in height if necessary. They are likely to be especially useful for plotters with Containers, metal or plastic sheds – but they are on offer to any and all.

If you are interested, register your interest in a comment below or text or phone Norman on 07702127346. They are free, but if once you see them, you feel a donation to GFAA funds is appropriate, then such a gesture will be much appreciated.

The volunteer squad will be pleased to deliver to your plot and cut them to size if necessary.

As I said, first come first served! We have about 10 units.

Planks, planks, planks

The volunteer Squad were on maneuvers today on a mission to source us some more scaffold planks.

Ron, Mike and Gordon working as hard as ever

I am pleased to report it was mission completed by the end of the day. If you are interested in topping up your stock, please contact Ron (Plot 65A) or on 07818413999  to arrange delivery.

Fruit Cages for Sale

With regret, Allan (Plot 46) has decided circumstances mean he has to give up his plot. Allan has two fruit cages which he is putting up for sale at very good prices. You will find details posted by the entrance to his plot and in the Octagon. Contact Allan on 07918707801 or for further details.

Grass Cutting Marathon

Our sit-on mower is currently out of commission following one of its many breakdowns. We finally decided we could not wait any longer before cutting the grass, so there was nothing to be done but tackle it with hand mowers. Luckily our ace volunteer squad were on hand and willing to take it on.

Thanks also go to Ron Plot 65a, John Plot 50 and George Plot 38 and volunteer Jack who helped out, but missed the photo opportunity.

We started at 10.30 and finished at 15.00. A wee reminder of how much effort is required, how dependent we are on the ride-on mower working and how much thanks we owe to George the Grass (Plot 40) who does the cutting week in, week out, through the season.

Metal Shed Available

Free to Good Home

Anne on Plot 92a has a serviceable metal shed, sized about six foot by four, she no longer needs. It’s on offer free to plotters on a first come, first served, basis.

If you are interested, please contact Anne by email at or mobile on 07760 127189.

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