We have a growing band of volunteers who help look after our site.  Some are on the waiting list for a plot, some want the chance to work with other outdoor’s enthusiasts.   Like to join us?  Read on!

Unfortunately, our Volunteering Activities are SUSPENDED at present due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

We offer activities from gardening to DIY on the wider site, or you can lend a helping hand on individual plots.

No experience is necessary and we offer training and support.  Organised activities happen on:

Tuesdays 10.30 to 12.30: Plotter in attendance, Anne Plot 92a
Thursdays 10.30 to 12.30 Plotter in attendance, Steve Plot 74
Sundays 10.30 to 12.30 Plotter in attendance, Norman Plot 81

Other days and times may well be possible by arrangement. If you think you would like to join us, contact Norman at gfaawebhelper@gmail.com or 07702127346.

Anja and Gordon


The Tuesday Squad

Gordon (left) and Mike (right) collect our IYN Award Stirling 2018

On the third Sunday of each month, we have our Community Sunday Activities: we meet between 11.00 and 1.30, starting with whatever tasks need doing, then moving on to the important business of coffee, cake and conversation.  Everyone will be made very welcome.  If you just happen along, ask for Norman, Stuart, Ron or Michael: better still, let us know you are coming and we’ll bake you a cake!

Feeding the 5000 on Community Sundays

If you think you would like to join us, contact Norman at gfaawebhelper@gmail.com or 07702127346.

COVID-19 Conditions and Arrangements

We can now welcome volunteers back on site. However, we can’t go back to operating as we did before. To ensure safety and compliance with guidelines and advice we will operate future sessions under these conditions and arrangements:

* participants will attend individually or in pairs and not in larger groups

* individual sessions must be pre-arranged and attendance confirmed in advance

* all activities will be undertaken individually, with participants maintaining strict social distancing at all times

* the Octagon, Polytunnel, Bothy and other indoor spaces will remain closed and out of bounds (toilets excepted)

* where sessions extend over a coffee break or lunchtime, participants should bring their own food, drinks, mugs, dishes etc. as they see fit

* hand sanitisers will be made available as necessary

* tools will be provided, but not be shared during a session.