If you are a GFAA Member, the Volunteer Squad may be able to help if you have a one-off task that needs doing on your plot. Examples include: moving a shed; installing a pond; wood-chipping a path; building a compost bin; building a raised bed; watering while you are on holiday; repairing a cold-frame; installing a water container; fixing a fence; re-roofing a shed; working a plot if you are indisposed though illness or necessary longterm absence; whatever. If in doubt please ask.

The Squad prioritises work on communal areas so may not be able to take on the task immediately, but we welcome requests from all GFAA Members.

There is no charge for tasks completed, but where materials are required to be bought, these costs must be met by the individual plotter.

    All forms submitted go directly to a secure database administered by the Volunteer Squad. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

    If you are a plotter who would like to help with the Volunteer Squad activities we would love to hear from you.