Thanks go to Stuart for this recipe for Elderflower wine following the champagne method. I have no doubt it will have been well-tried and tested over many years.

English: Elder Flowers (Sambucus nigra) Just a...

English: Elder Flowers (Sambucus nigra) Just asking to be made into elderflower cordial! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


10 Elderflower heads

1 Gallon of water

1 Lemon – sliced

1 tbsp white vinegar

1.25lbs white sugar


Use a non-metallic container – either a plastic bucket or a ceramic crock. Boil about 2 pints of the water to melt the sugar then add to the rest of the water. Add the vinegar, then float the flower heads on the water and add the slices of lemon. Give it a stir, cover with a dish-towel, and leave to soak for 24 hrs. Strain off into bottles and test after 10 days.