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TAMS 2021 Dividend

GFAA is a longterm supporter of The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) and it was a delight to hear that last season we earned our largest ever dividend from the sales of our surpluses.

Thanks go to all the plotters, volunteers and friends of GFAA who helped generate the £495.71 for our funds – and of course to the TAMS’ Team for all their efforts in the community or our behalf.

TAMS Success 2020

I was delighted this week to receive news of our TAMS (The Allotment Market Stall) dividend for the season passed. Our funds have benefitted to the tune of £408.23

This really is a magnificent effort and is especially welcome in a year when we have not been able to run our usual fund-raising events such as the Annual BBQ.

I big thank you goes to all of our plotters who gave so generously from their surplus produce, the Volunteer Squad who helped with collection and the TAMS Team for all of their efforts on our behalf. It is great to think of our surplus fruit and veggies going to such a good cause and fresh, locally grown food getting out into the community to everyone’s benefit.

Thanks again everyone.

NEW: TAMS Veg Boxes

The Allotment Market Stall team have been in touch to announce their new weekly veg box scheme.

Good News – TAMS is Back!

Greg Welsh from the Allotment Market Stall team has been in touch to say that they feel that they can now re-start collections of surplus produce from allotment sites. Here’s what he has to say:

Hello there !I hope that everybody is doing well and you have been able to make the best of the recent tough time. On my last visit to the allotment, plots seemed to be looking better than ever.

An open air stall providing fresh local vegetables is especially valuable at this time, and after much uncertainty earlier in the year we are glad now to be able to go ahead with TAMS. I am pleased to tell you that TAMS will be starting up very soon, with the first collection on Thursday 23rd July.

We will have a Friday stall at both Seaton and Duthie Parks and a Saturday stall at Victoria Park – the same as last year.

Thank you, Greg Welsh, Stall Coordinator

GFAA have always been big supporters of TAMS and we hope this will continue this year. Remember, “profits” from sales are returned to GFAA and make a significant contribution to our funds.

Our TAMS Dividend 2019

At the recent The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) AGM, dividends were presented to all those allotment sites who contributed surplus fruit and vegetables to the TAMS stalls over the summer.

Our dividend was £210.75 which has been paid directly to the Association. We contributed 322kg of produce. The produce is in great demand among the public and it’s good to see any surplus being put to good use.

The amount of produce contributed to TAMS this past year was well down on 2018 when we received just short of £400 for 850kg contributed which reflects the poorer growing season this year.

TAMS of course is run by volunteers and they have asked if any of the allotment sites could help out especially on a Thursday afternoon but at other times too on the stalls for example. If anyone thinks they might be able to help out please contact any of our Committee.

A big thank-you to all who contributed this past season and we look forward to supporting TAMS next year.

It’s TAMS time again

Collections for The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) start this Thursday.

TAMS is a wonderful project that sells our surplus produce to the public and so spreads the benefits of allotment working into the wider community while at the same time making a contribution back to our GFAA funds.

Please leave any (saleable) donations you can make into the special trays by the Bothy by noon, Thursdays.

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