Whether you are dealing with that extra special wonder vegetable or a glut of courgettes, GFAA has just the recipe you need.

Stuart’s Elderflower Champagne. Why does it come as no surprise we start with this one?

Shiona’s Courgette Chutney. Provides a dash of summer warmth all year round.

Alison’s Leaves Braised with Ginger. East meets West in this celebration of fresh greens.

Norman’s Curried Marrow Soup. One for kitchen-challenged blokes, but surprisingly good.

Bruce’s Special Sauerkraut. From an original family Polish recipe and keeps for months, providing Vitamin C and healthy gut bacteria throughout the winter.

Alison’s Broad Bean and Courgette Soup. A delicious late summer special.

Carrie’s Beetroot and Orange Relish. Summer sunshine in a jar.

Gill’s Cucumber Kimchi or’ Fridge ‘Pickle’. Proved extremely popular at our recent BBQ.

Marion’s Spinach and Goat’s Cheese Muffins. These were a great success at one of our Community Sunday events and are much in demand.

Gill’s Mellow Yellow Jerusalem Artichoke Pickle. Hits all the right taste buds.

Heather’s Sweet Chilli Jam packs just the right punch.

Gill’s Redcurrant and Almond Fruit Leather is both delicious and very novel.

Rachel’s Cauliflower & Cheese is a family favourite and suitable for Vegans.

Marion’s Gooseberry Cordial is a sure fire hit for hot summer days.