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Spaces for People Aberdeen

Michael Melton from Sustrans Scotland has been in touch to tell us about the Places for Everyone programme. Here is what he had to say:

As you may be aware, many local authorities throughout Scotland are installing temporary measures in their towns and cities. These measures are to protect public health by enabling physical distancing when people walk, cycle and wheel for essential journeys and exercise, whilst avoiding unnecessary car journeys, during Covid-19.

Aberdeen City Council have been awarded funding from the Spaces for People programme, funded by Transport Scotland and administered by Sustrans Scotland.

A website has been set up with an interactive map where people can comment on a location they would like to see a temporary measure installed to ensure physical distancing is possible for the people of Aberdeen. You can also agree with others comments.

To ensure we engage with a wide variety of people in Aberdeen we are asking you to share the link to the website with your community on your social media pages or other communication channels.

The more people involved, the better the needs of the whole community will be reflected.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks in advance for your help promoting this programme and engaging your community in making their neighbourhood safer for physical distancing during Covid- 19.

Michael is, Infrastructure Coordinator | Places for Everyone | Sustrans Scotland and this is the email address used to contact us.

More COVID-19 Advice

Pat Wilson has issued this information: Plotters and volunteers should read it carefully. For convenience of volunteers, some points relating to squad activities onsite have been highlighted in red.

Dear Allotment Holder

As lockdown restriction are eased, the Scottish Government have now published further guidance on the safe use of allotments and community food-growing spaces.

It is important that all guidance is followed when visiting and working in allotments in order reduce the risk associated with Coronavirus.

The main guidance points are as follows:-

People who should not visit a community food-growing site
Anyone who should self-isolate, for example because they or a member of their household have COVID-19 symptoms, or they have been advised that they have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, should follow the NHS Inform guidance and must stay at home for the period of their self-isolation and not attend a community food-growing site. Follow the guidance on self-isolation on NHS Inform.
The NHS will also now be asking people to self-isolate who do not have symptoms, but have been in close contact with someone who has been confirmed by testing to have the virus. This is part of Test and Protect – Scotland’s approach to implementing the ‘test, trace, isolate, support’ strategy. Read more about Test and Protect.
People who have been personally advised to shield by letter should follow the shielding guidance, which includes guidance on outdoor activity. This includes maintaining strict physical distancing; choosing times and areas that are quiet, if possible; washing hands for at least 20 seconds as soon returning home.
People at higher risk from Coronavirus (including people aged over 70, people who are pregnant and people with an underlying medical condition) should strictly follow physical distancing guidance.

Onsite attendance and safety at community food-growing sites
The measures contained in this guidance should, where practicable, be communicated to volunteers and users of community food-growing spaces in advance of their attendance. Local authorities and others with responsibility for community food-growing sites should ensure the following points are adhered to onsite.

Tool sharing
The sharing of tools, gloves etc is strongly discouraged due to the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Users and volunteers at sites should be encouraged to bring their own gloves. Any onsite tools should be disinfected after each use.
Communal activities/events
Indoor communal activities are not permitted at this time. Outdoor communal activities such as outdoor cooking, training activities or open days are not permitted at this time if they involve people from more than three households, and additionally they should not involve more than 8 people in total. There should be no sharing of food or utensils onsite.
Physical distancing
Compliance with physical distancing of 2 metres including, if necessary, limiting the number of people within the site at any one time and/or considering a one-way system within the site (together with any necessary signage).
Hand hygiene
People attending a community food-growing site should be reminded of the importance of handwashing before leaving home to travel to the site, and handwashing as soon as they return home. Encourage compliance with hand hygiene guidance onsite, e.g. providing hand sanitiser or suitable hand wash facilities.
Cleaning and sanitising
Regular cleaning and sanitising of any communal or frequently used areas e.g. taps and gates. The risk of transmission of COVID-19 at communal areas such as taps and gates should be highlighted via adequate signage.
Travel to site
Remind users and volunteers of the community food-growing site that they should currently not travel further than approximately 5 miles to the site for leisure or exercise purposes. However those with a specific health condition that requires travel beyond their local area to maintain health, and those with a disability who need to travel a bit further to appropriate outdoor space, can do so.
People should be encouraged to travel to the site via active travel methods such as walking or cycling, or in their own car and only with members of their own household. People should be advised to think carefully whether they need to use public transport for travel to the site.
The use of face coverings in polytunnels and greenhouses should be encouraged where physical distancing is challenging. Air vents should be opened to maximise air flow. People must not congregate in a polytunnel, greenhouse or other onsite indoor space.

The full allotments guidance can be viewed using this link.

As per the guidance, over the next few days, signage will be placed in allotment sites to reinforce the messages with regard to the 2 metre physical distancing, hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette, COVID-19 transmission and cleaning/sanitising of communal areas.

Missing Keys

A set of keys were found on site at Garthdee Field and handed in today.


Thanks to everyone who helped – the keys are now relocated in their rightful kingdom.

Dandelions, bonnie, but …

Dandelion, sporting a COVID-19 head of hair.

Pretty and invasive I guess we could agree. Of course the bees love them, they are native, but perhaps we can have too many of them? What do you think?

Jack Frost

We are enjoying some great weather these days, but with so many plants so far advanced this season, these late frosts we are having can catch us out.

We have had to pop down a couple of nights to hap up tatties and fleece up the tomatoes. Luckily, the evening visits provided a couple of good photo opps.

Callum, working Carrie’s Plot while she is unavailable.
Our Community Orchard Crab Apple looking gorgeous

New attractions

These were spotted today on site:

Hats off for the Stone Painters: Move over Banksy

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