Beekeeping at Allotment Sites

Our Service permits a limited number of beekeeping plots at our Allotment Sites throughout the city but there is a Risk Assessment Policy in place, to identify if an allotment is suitable for keeping bees.

Additionally, there are requirements for a potential Beekeeper to have a certain level of experience before permission will be granted. The Beekeeper must also have suitable Public Liability Insurance cover.

It has been brought to our attention that there may be unauthorised beekeeping activities at our Allotment Sites.  We require any Allotment Holders who may be undertaking beekeeping without permission to contact our Service as soon as possible so we can consider the suitability of the allotment and advise the process required for Beekeepers to meet our requirements.

Beekeeping on our Allotment Sites without the necessary permission may result in termination of the tenant’s Lease.