Alison recommends this as a treat when dealing with Tuscan kale or similar leaves.

Tuscan kale or other leaves (cabbage, mustard, beetroot tops, but not best method of cooking spinach or chard)

Garlic, Ginger and oil (olive or rapeseed)
soy sauce, miso, fish sauce or similar to finish

Pour oil in a heavy pan to coat and set on medium heat.

Add chopped garlic and ginger and listen out so they don’t burn.
Wash, strip stems if necessary, and slice or shred the leaves if large.
Add the leaves straight on top of the garlic and ginger without stirring.
Add a few tbsps water or stock on top and clamp a lid on firmly.
After five mins stir and check there is still some liquid.
Cooking through will take five to fifteen mins depending on the leaves.

Do not drain the liquid away!
Add a little soy sauce or similar to taste
Pour the whole contents of the pan into noodle, cereal or soup bowls

Enjoy! I eat with chopsticks and then slurp the broth because that celebrates each leaf.