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Macmillan Appeal

This appeal arrived from Esther at Macmillan Cancer Charity this week. I hope all plotters will look to see if they can help.

Hi Stuart

I hope you are well and things will soon be picking up for all the allotment holders as the lighter nights are upon us

Our Volunteers and participants will be planning this year’s growing and planting for the allotment and intend to be there this Saturday morning after what has been a very long winter. The Garthdee Fields allotments are an ideal environment and the folks who attend had lovely produce they cultivated last year.

This is to give you their wish list in case any mutual sharing of supplies is possible . This year they want to plant early potatoes, peppers , tomatoes, any other fruit and vegetables from seeds and plants. Also Growmore, wooden stakes and any old garden or hand tools no longer needed would be most helpful. We would be really appreciative of any excess or donated items and I’m sure the gardeners will be around more often from now on.

Thank you so much for all your support,
Warm regards

Esther Milne
Macmillan Support Assistant

Therapeutic Gardening

Thanks go to Stuart who passed on this link.

With our collaborations with RGU and the Macmillan Cancer Charity, GFAA plotters’ are very aware of the gardening and working out of doors can help lift the spirit.  We were very pleased therefore to be contacted by Virgil Anderson from Houston, Texas, who found us via the web while researching an online article entitled, The Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening.

Virgil’s article makes very interesting reading, pointing up the advantages for people in recovery or survivors, “getting their hands dirty and growing and nurturing plants.”

Follow the link above or the one embedded in our Links page to find out more.


A very special Community Sunday

Today’s Community Sunday saw our best ever turnout with plotters, volunteers and friends from the Macmillan and RGU plots all well represented.  As a result we got a bucketload of tasks done on the wider site.

IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0365

Sincere thanks to everyone who made it along and turned in such a wonderful team effort and to the bakers for the affa fine cakes.  Gold medals all round!

Macmillan Progress

it was great fun today joining the Macmillan team as they started work fencing off their plot and super to see the progress they have made this year.


BBQ in the Sunshine

We got very lucky with today’s BBQ and the weather stayed fine for the duration.  GFAA was pleased to welcome friends from TAMS and The Macmillan Charity on the day.  The raffle and donations on the day raised £210 for Macmillan funds.  Special thanks go to Gill for all her hard work organising things.










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