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Plant Buying Opportunity

Sorry to see you go

Kirstin Bradley our architect is leaving.

Kirstin and Dougal Plot 58 are giving up their allotment this year. Many plotters may be unaware of the contribution Kirstin made to the success of our Community Garden project which was initiated in Nov 2012. The project was quite a significant undertaking for Garthdee Field Allotments Association involving Aberdeen City Council, Robert Gordon University, grant funders and various contractors.

To get the project started we had to be able to show our partners and interested parties what we were planning to do. Kirstin, an architect by profession, very kindly offered her services free of charge to the Association, preparing plans, attending meetings and eventually obtaining planning consent for our project. I think it greatly helped our application to both the planners and grant providers when we were able to submit such professional documents.

As the Community Garden took shape we introduced the concept of the Octagon as a shelter and outdoor classroom and here again Kirstin used her professional skills to convert the concept into working drawings that a builder could follow and the result is there for all to see.

On behalf of all our allotment holders we say goodbye with our best wishes and grateful thanks to Kirstin for her generosity and support.

Plot Opportunity

Marion has asked me to post this opportunity. Please contact her directly if it is of interest to you.


I am inquiring on behalf of my fellow plotters at Easter Anguston Farm.
We have 2 plots that have become available.
Do you know of anyone seeking a plot?
We look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards

From: Marion Tierney-Strachan <mar.tierney AT>

Green Flag Assessment

Plotters, volunteers, friends and visitors to Garthdee Allotments will have noticed the green flag that flies by our main entrance, but not all may know quite why it is there.

The Green Flag Award Scheme is run nationally and aims to promote, support and celebrate well-run, green spaces that are open to the public. More information is available on their website.

Garthdee Field was first awarded Green Flag status in 2020, but sites have to be reassessed annually. Assessment focuses on the management and maintenance of the site and is based on a comprehensive set of criteria and involves an annual assessment visit by two external judges.

Yesterday we welcomed the assessment team onsite.

Aberdeen’s Green Flag entries are coordinated by Aberdeen City Council and we were pleased to have Laura Russell (on the right in red) from ACC turn out to bat for us on the day.

Thanks go to Laura and to Irene, our volunteer, who did her usual great job providing teas, coffees and eats.

It will be a wee while before we get the official assessment report, but the visit seemed to go very well, and allowed a good exchange of ideas and some very welcome advice, so we cross our fingers and hope for the best. Watch this space.

IYN Report 2022

Following a recent visit from Jim and Wendy Henderson, GFAA has received our It’s Your Neighbourhood assessment report for 2022. We are pleased to report we have retained our Outstanding rating. These are extracts from the final report.

New Arrival

We took delivery of our Wheelchair-friendly Picnic Table this Tuesday.

We weren’t expecting it to come flat-packed and the team’s first attempt to assemble it lead to consternation amongst the volunteers and cries of, “Should have gone to IKEA.”

Not quite what we expected

However, the team soon rose to the occasion and had it all sorted out.

All’s well that ends well

The table and bench set is entirely made from recycled plastics and is designed to facilitate use by two wheelchair users and and group of six. It will certainly be a great community asset for many years to come.

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