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Compost: A Valuable Resource

The benefits of making your own compost are well known. The best compost requires the right blend of green and brown materials added in layers. Making your own on your plot removes the need to cart weeds and the like off site for disposal.

During the Summer we have on site plenty of free-to-all grass cuttings. These are to be found in a bin in the South-East corner of the site.

The materials in the white bags seen in the photo are coffee grounds. C-Fine deliver these grounds to us weekly. Many plotters consider coffee grounds to be a useful addition when compost making.

Please feel free to help yourself to these materials. There is nothing quite like grass cuttings to heat up and speed up your compost making.

The materials on the right side of the bin are seedy weeds dumped in the bin by a plotter. This is very disappointing. Plotters are best to compost their own weeds, or failing that, take them off site for disposal via their brown bins. They must not be dumped around the site or in communal bins.

Annual Bonfire

Our annual bonfire will take place on Tuesday 21 March starting at 9.30 am. Come along and help feed the stuff for burning onto the fire.

Small Beginnings

Make sure you take this opportunity to get rid if any scrap or rotting timber, branches, prunings etc and help keep our allotment tidy and free from rubbish.

Feeding the fire takes a massive effort through most of the day. It is certainly an occasion when many hands make for light work. If you can spare an hour at anytime in the morning or early afternoon, please come along and help out. We will be serving hot and cold drinks, savouries and cake throughout the day.

If you’re wearing nylon clothing beware of sparks melting small holes in the material –it’s best to wear very old clothes. As always – stay safe!

Heating Up!

SCOTMID Community Orchard Bid

SCOTMID COMMUNITY ORCHARD is an environmental and wellbeing initiative that will benefit almost 200 communities across Scotland.
The Society is looking for a group close to each of its stores to purchase and plant at least five fruit-bearing trees or bushes, the plants or trees will be funded by Scotmid.

We are pleased to announce that GFAA has submitted a bid for five fruit trees to be used to extend out existing Community Orchard within our Communal Garden.

Thanks go to Rebecca Dunn from CFINE for alerting us to this opportunity and to Ron (Plot 65A) who built and submitted our bid.

Applications are still open and may be submitted here:

UPDATE: Success!

Super Success

It turns out that even Superman needs to concentrate while Precision Keep Chucking!

The GFAA Committee want to say a big thank you to all plotters, volunteers and friends of GFAA who helped make our first Open Day within the Aberdeen Garden Festival such a success. Thanks for giving that most precious of resources – your time and efforts.

It’s not to late to order! See the Sales Page of the Website.

A special mention goes to Peter (Plot 29) for designing and staffing the inspiring NEEP Chucking activity, Irene for taking the free tearoom to a whole new level and to Ron for the success of the Planter Sales Stall. We bagged quite a nice wee bonus for our GFAA funds and item buyers were delighted with their purchases.

Hopefully, next year’s Festival Open Day will be even bigger and better.

On the move … again!

The Volunteer Squad were called to action today to help Raymond move to his new plot. Raymond started with the Safety Briefing and Risk Assessment: Basically: don’t drop the blooming shed!

Now boys – I want you to take care
Off to a slightly shaky start: She’s listing a bit to port
Full steam ahead: Getting into our stride
Safely in her new berth: Mission accomplished

Eye Eye, who’s this?

Thanks to Paul (Plot 34) and Phil (Plot 35) for passing on these photos.

Photo Credit: Paul Plot 34

The story appears to be that the Sparrow-hawk was taking stock of its new surroundings after snacking on an unsuspecting Blackbird. Phil reports he was a very messy eater and not too bothered to tidy up afterwards either.

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