The benefits of making your own compost are well known. The best compost requires the right blend of green and brown materials added in layers. Making your own on your plot removes the need to cart weeds and the like off site for disposal.

During the Summer we have on site plenty of free-to-all grass cuttings. These are to be found in a bin in the South-East corner of the site.

The materials in the white bags seen in the photo are coffee grounds. C-Fine deliver these grounds to us weekly. Many plotters consider coffee grounds to be a useful addition when compost making.

Please feel free to help yourself to these materials. There is nothing quite like grass cuttings to heat up and speed up your compost making.

The materials on the right side of the bin are seedy weeds dumped in the bin by a plotter. This is very disappointing. Plotters are best to compost their own weeds, or failing that, take them off site for disposal via their brown bins. They must not be dumped around the site or in communal bins.