Grow Greener with Garthdee Field Allotments Association

Veggie Gardener Test

Well, am I the only one that got a, ‘could do better’ report?  Who’s willing to post a score?


Gone to Seed Tarland Seed Swap 2018 Update


Sweet Pea for Remembrance


  1. Anne Arthur

    Well I’ve only grown 20 so the suggestion is to grow new this year!

    • Norman

      You have a super-exciting year ahead, Anne!

    • Stuart Oram

      I see Norman is teasing out our competitive streaks! I’ve grown 32 of the crops listed over the years. Salsify is not the same as scorzonera. Would be interesting to compile a list from all our plotters to see how many different things have been grown.

      • Norman

        That’s a great idea, Stuart, the Garthdee Field list would be something special!

  2. Vinny Goss

    17 – Not sure if this is good,bad or indifferent?

  3. Eleanor Davidson

    25 – with 3 in the greenhouse at home. Still some way to go it seems. I’ve autumn-sown fennel in the greenhouse, waiting for spring – that’s a new adventure for me this year!


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