Our Garthdee Field site is a wonderful open space, existing as it does so close to the city centre. It is also a haven for lots of wildlife, not least the very many birds that live on and around it.  It’s been great to see more and more plots encouraging small birds to nest on them – in all sorts and shapes of nest boxes.




We have all had reason to curse the pigeons and crows that seem to get cleverer every year in the battle for our brassicas, but having the smaller song birds about is a real pleasure.  Not every box can expect to attract residents, but this year Sandy has been doubly lucky with a brood of Bluetits on site by his clematis and, better still, a family of wrens – who have taken up home in the most unusual of nesting spots.



If anyone who can offer advice on the building of nest boxes and their positioning – it would be great to hear from you.