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Gwen’s Garden Request

Benji from Gwen’s Garden have asked for our help.

“Can I ask for help with the project we have in the field next to you called Gwen’s Garden. We’re a small grassroots group helping promote bio diversity in the area. And are asking for some help with donations of any spare flowers or plants preferably perennials but all is welcome.”

We’d like to work in partnership with the allotments to really promote diversity back into the area. I’ve attached are tree planting plan for winter 2020, and a link to our Facebook page and our page on its your neighbourhood site. If you can spread the word around the allotments it would be truly appreciated.

This is an excellent project and I am sure many plotters will want to help. You can reach Benji by email at:


Fruity Research Opportunity


August Community Sunday

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  1. Susan Wilkie

    I have some delphiniums which were sown from seed this year but not sure if they need to be overwintered the first year in pots?? However I will be dividing many other established perennial plants next month which you are very welcome to have, so will drop them by,
    Susan Wilkie.


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