Lorna Graham from Aberdeen city Council has just passed on the latest edition of the Clean Up Scotland – see the link below.

This item caught my eye:


During the months of April and May, we are encouraging people to register a Spring Clean Up, enabling everyone to unite together in a common cause to keep their part of Scotland beautiful. A total of £10 billion a year is spent picking up litter across Europe, with the bill in Scotland amounting to more than a million a week.

Register a Clean Up of your local area with friends and family, work colleagues or your community group at www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/register

If you would like further information about our Clean Up Scotland campaign email info@cleanupscotland.com or call 01786 471333

I wondered if any plotters would like to join a group to tidy our site and its boundaries as a welcome to Spring?  Get in touch is you fancy it.