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Dung and/or Compost Opportunity

We were all disappointed to find that our local supply of cow dung had dried up – so to speak! We are investigating alternatives which can be delivered in bigger tonnages – of domestic green waste compost and/or manure.

The scrapping of the containers from site produced a one-off windfall for GFAA funds and we hope to make around four barrowloads of dung and/or domestic green waste compost available free of charge to GFAA members.

We fear demand my outpace supply, so requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below this post with your name and plot number. The compost/dung will be delivered to your plot once it is available. This may take a few weeks to organise. Bear with us.

If things work out and there is enough interest we may try to repeat this exercise.


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  1. Philip Wilkie

    Yes please Philip and Susan plot 35



  3. Phil

    Yes please – Phil (57)

  4. Graham Milner

    Yes please! Graham Milner. Plot 30

  5. Pete Snape

    Great idea. Dung if possible please.
    Pete Plot 33

  6. Alison plot 80

    Yes please! Dung and/or biochar or whatever is available.
    Alison, plot 80.

  7. Michael

    Yes please! Sammy & Mike, Plot 70A

  8. I would like to be considered for some manure. George Plot 38

  9. Len Campbell

    Yes Please Len Plot 74

  10. Anna

    Interested! Anna at 93B. Thanks!


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