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Cometh the hour cometh ….

Our Community Sunday activities got off to a rather chaotic start today , with the usual suspects in very frisky and somewhat indisciplined form.  Peter for one seemed to be re-living a past experience of some peasant revolt or other.


Luckily, once he was done resting his fork, Phil stepped in, quickly establishing his front-line HQ and demonstrating strong and stable leadership (where have I heard this phrase before?) he started issuing orders to the troops from his mobile management communications device.

He soon had the team whipped into shape. As you can see this made a world of difference.

The phrase, Dads’ Army meets the Women’s Land Army somehow springs to mind. However, great progress was made on the Wild Flower Area Mark II and it was a great pleasure to welcome Priscilla and her family on site.

All in all it was another great Community Sunday.  Thanks to all who pitched up and apologies to those (many) others who yet again missed out on getting their photos taken.




Be bee friendly …


My Harvest – an interesting research activity


  1. Philip

    Ah yes!! Dodger and procrastinator come to mind. Can I say who ever made the quiche and the herb scones please make sure you have enough supplies for the next community Sunday!!!!! ? ????? thank you!!!!

    • Norman

      Well, I suppose the Duck and Dive was always my favourite pub, Phil. As to the quiche I’ll pass on your request to Jacqui, but the super scones were from Marion I believe. A great day for sure.

      • Philip Wilkie

        I did mean that the request for quiche and scones were a compliment as they were delicious and certainly not something that I am used to getting on a Sunday at home. Thank you both for all your effort makes putting up with Norman worthwhile!!!!

        • Norman

          Thank you for that Phil. :-) :-) I am deeply, deeply, bruised! :-) :-)


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