Stuart received this email recently. If you are interested, please contact Ashleigh directly by phone or email – details below.

Good Morning Stuart,

My name is Ashleigh Cooke, we came to see you last Saturday at the plots regarding the greenhouse and shed we have.

My husband and I are moving into a new house on Friday and the previous owners are leaving us their greenhouse and shed, we have no use for them so instead of them going to waste we wondered if anyone at the plots would like to have them for free. Either to use as their own, or possibly use the parts to re-purpose their current greenhouses/sheds. I have not had a chance to really investigate either of them, but the previous owners did say they have had them both for a long time and that their grandchildren had broken a few of the glass windows on the greenhouse whilst playing football, and that the shed had seen better days (the door looked crooked and possibly close to falling off).

We do not want any cash for either of these items so they are up for grabs if you or anyone else would like them, the only thing is we have no means of transporting them so whoever would like to take them would have to come and pick them up.

The house is located on Holburn street next to the roundabout at Asda so it’s not too far from where the plots are. We will be at the house from Friday evening through Monday if anyone wanted to drop by and take a look, and possibly take them both away.

My contact details are:
Email –
Mobile – 07415004569

Please feel free to contact me if you, or anyone else would like to arrange a time to come and see/collect these items.

Thank you!

Ashleigh & Michael Cooke