I was sorry to get this bad news from Sonya by email earlier this week:

Last Saturday, I went up to my plot (97b) with the intention of removing some bags of weeds to take to the municipal skip. Unfortunately, I slipped on the concrete paving and broke my leg and ankle bones in 3 places and will require an op to put pins in. It had been lightly raining, earlier, and I think it was a small clod of mud that I slid on, despite wearing stout shoes. It happened all so fast.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could put something on the website about safety (esp with wintry weather on the way) and advising other plotters to be careful. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. I am just thankful I had my friend with me as there was no one else about and I could have been stuck there, for a while, esp as I don’t have a mobile phone!

Sonya’s is a wee reminder that mishaps are only ever a step away and we all need to take care when on site or working on our plots. I am sure we will all wish Sonya all the best for a speedy recover and return to her plotting as soon as possible.