Our site has a new amenity – a compostable toilet is now in place and fully operational.


The Eco-Loo was obtained with funds kindly made available from the RGU Student Association Garden Project. GFAA contributed necessary sundries and will undertake maintenance and servicing. The Eco-Loo is kept locked: the padlock uses the usual combination used on all other communal locks. Stuart has the details if you need them.



Obviously, the Eco-Loo is a unisex facility. However, old boys will need to learn one or two new tricks to use the toilet successfully. Compostable toilets work on the principle of separating wee and solids: a special bowl-shape takes care of this naturally.  Gents therefore, MUST sit to pee.  Wee needs no further treatment, but solids and loo paper should be covered with a small scoop of the special sawdust provided in the large white bin. Separating liquid and solid waste, and adding sawdust, keeps the facility odour-free. It is important that sawdust is NOT added to the wee.

It is vital that no other rubbish or materials are disposed of in the toilet. Other waste materials, such as nappies, should  be removed from the site by the user, but in emergency situations they may be disposed of in the small silver bin provided.

The Eco-Loo is a non-smoking facility! Naked flames and gasses are a dangerous combination and ignition might bring a whole new application for Michael Caine’s line, “You are only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

An automatic dispenser provides hand wash and there is a small LED light for use in the winter months or in low light.

Please leave the Eco-Loo as you would have liked to find it.

Members of the Committee have agreed to service the Eco-Loo and after some discussion at the last meeting it was agreed that Stuart would take the first stint on the rota, handing over to someone else in late 2020.  However, in a late breaking bit of news, one plotter has expressed an interest in ‘harvesting’ the wee as a compost-heap activator.  Perhaps we ought to sell off the franchise for GFAA funds?

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