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The Garden Jungle

This is the title of a newish book (2019) by Dave Goulson, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Sussex. It’s subtitled, “Gardening to Save the Planet” and that pretty well tells you what to expect.

This is no dull textbook however. It’s a lively read and full of unexpected and practical ideas as well as lots of good humour.

I was surprised to read for example, that the Oxford Junior Dictionary has removed the words, newt, acorn, minnow, kingfisher and dandelion. Why? Because these words are no longer considered relevant for children.

It seems to me this is a mistake on so many levels, it’s almost criminal.

Photo Credit: Phil on Plot 35

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  1. Philip Wilkie

    Great piece Norman. I can confirm over the last three months I’ve seen a Kingfisher, a minnow and lots of dandelions as well as at least two newts in my pond. The RSPB magazine entitled Give Nature a Home is absolutely what Garthdee Field is all about. Looking forward to more pictures!!!!


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