Well almost. I am pleased to say that with the recent relaxations to the Lockdown regulations we feel we can again invite our volunteers back on site as of Tuesday of next week – June 16.

We will be operating under slightly different conditions. In the main, to ensure safety and compliance with public health guidelines and advice we will operate future sessions under these conditions and arrangements:

  • participants will attend individually or in pairs and not in larger groups
  • individual sessions must be pre-arranged and attendance confirmed in advance
  • all activities will be undertaken individually, with participants maintaining strict social distancing at all times
  • the Octagon, Polytunnel, Bothy and other indoor spaces will remain closed and out of bounds (toilets excepted)
  • where sessions extend over a coffee break or lunchtime, participants will bring their own food, drinks, mugs, dishes etc.
  • hand sanitisers will be made available as necessary
  • tools will be provided, but not be shared during a session.

We are very much looking forward to having the gang back with us, but as always, sessions are voluntary and the decision to attend rests entirely with the individual volunteer and his/her supporter(s). Not all will be able to come. Keeping each other safe and doing our bit to beat the virus must be our priorities.

I am sure all plotters will give the squad members a warm welcome back.