Sorry for the click-bait heading. Nah, as far as I know, there are no plans for Her Majesty to visit us at Garthdee Field (as yet). I believe this year she chose to go to Chelsea instead. Next year perhaps?

However, we can boast a royal connection. Many plotters will have noticed Malcolm working away on the Move More Aberdeen/Macmillan Plot (36b) over recent years. Malcolm’s efforts have been rightly recognised and rewarded by an invitation to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

Malcolm reports that this came via Sport Aberdeen who assist MacMillan with their activities and that he was completely surprised as he didn’t feel he did all that much and was helped so much by others. The ‘others’ he says, include the many GFAA plotters without whose friendly support and advice he didn’t think he could have made as good a go of things.

He reports the garden at BP is immaculate with acres of grass, and 7,000 participants were there to enjoy the borders that showed lots of professional care with irises, roses and flowering shrubs in profusion. It made for an excellent day out and an excuse to put his kilt on!