You will be aware of Pat Wilson’s email stating that the Council is leaving the decision to the individual allotment holder whether or not to visit their plot during the current national emergency.

Plotters who decide to visit their plots will want to take account of this further advice issued by Stuart.

“Hi Everyone,
You will have noted that the City Council have agreed with the UK government’s advice, expounded by Michael Gove that it is ok to visit your allotment. I think most of us are relieved that we are permitted this freedom when there are so many other restrictions impacting our lives.
I am emailing you to ask that you strictly follow the rules which attach to this freedom to visit your plot. I have repeated the guidance from the BBC Gardeners website below.

Avoid public transport if possible. Instead walk, run, cycle or drive to the allotment, either on your own or with one other member of your household.
Do not pick up anyone on the way and travel to the allotment with them. This is not allowed. If you bump into someone on the way then maintain safe social distancing protocols (stand two metres apart).

Wash or sanitise your hands after using the allotment gate. It would be helpful to others if you wiped down the gate, as well, if you can.

Do not work on the allotment in groups of more than two. If you share the plot with someone from a different household then you must observe safe social distancing rules. Ideally, work out a timetable so you can visit the plot separately.

If you bump into people then maintain safe social distancing protocols at all times. Do not make anyone a cup of tea. Do not share tools. Do not visit the allotment shop.

Wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly before and after eating food, and when you get home.

The key points are – no more than two people on your plot at one time and maintain that 2 metre social distancing.
We don’t want to jeopardise our and our fellow plotters’ freedoms by behaving irresponsibly.

Pat Wilson has asked me to advise everyone that the Council have cancelled the plot audits for April.
Stay safe and compliant!
Stuart Oram

With this in mind The Octagon should not be used for group meetings or coffee breaks until further notice.