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New Residents

A couple of years ago we started building bird box kits for the Primary Kids to put together on their plot visits (thanks go to Graeme on Plot 48). Since then, a dozen or so have been put in place around our site.

I’m pleased to report that a number are now occupied. Sorry about the photos – not quite in the David Attenborough class!

Up by Anne’s Plot 99A

I put a couple of homemade boxes up at the beginning of the year on Plot 81 and I am pleased to say both have attracted interest.

Oi! Mate – you got permission to take photos?

The box by the rasps is definitely occupied and the Blue Tits come and go every few moments at present.

It would be good to know how many occupied boxes we have on site, so if you know of any others please get in touch.


We are Busy Bees at GFAA


A Royal Visit

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  1. Vinny’s box on plot 33 looks to have Great Tits bring up their family. The box looks like it’s about to fall off!!!!!


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