We (Stuart, Marion, Gill, Jacqui and Norman) have enjoyed playing host to Mrs McKenzie and her Primary 2 pupils over the summer. Thanks are due too to Vinnie and Michael for their help in preparing and maintaining the revised beds, primary plot and polytunnel.


It’s been fantastic to see the enthusiasm of the youngsters over the weeks they have been coming and to know they are enjoying learning about the joys and benefits of gardening.

Activities have included:

  • Sowing salad leaves, beans and peas
  • Pricking out and potting up
  • Planting tatties, beans and onions
  • Extensive dung and compost shifting
  • Veggie and fruit identification and tasting tours







I think we can say a good time has been had by all – although the older members of the GFAA team (no names, no pack drill) seem to need to retreat for a lie down in a darkened room after the sessions!