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Grass Cutting Marathon

Our sit-on mower is currently out of commission following one of its many breakdowns. We finally decided we could not wait any longer before cutting the grass, so there was nothing to be done but tackle it with hand mowers. Luckily our ace volunteer squad were on hand and willing to take it on.

Thanks also go to Ron Plot 65a, John Plot 50 and George Plot 38 and volunteer Jack who helped out, but missed the photo opportunity.

We started at 10.30 and finished at 15.00. A wee reminder of how much effort is required, how dependent we are on the ride-on mower working and how much thanks we owe to George the Grass (Plot 40) who does the cutting week in, week out, through the season.


Bonnie Borders


Community Sunday June 2019


  1. Anne Arthur

    Wow what a lot of work! Well done everyone. We shall have to work harder on the replacement mower fund. Without the regular grass cutting the whole Garthdee Field would look so uncared for.

  2. Susan Wilkie

    Well done everyone, what a mammoth job!! Is the sit on repairable? All this rain just doesn’t help!!

    • Norman

      We are hoping the sit-on can be repaired, Susan, but the better long-term option is a replacement when funds allow.

  3. Stewart Gilchrist

    Norman l am willing to help cutting the grass l would be available on Friday or Sunday if the weather stay clear from rain. Let me know. Stewart

    • Norman

      Cheers Stewart, that is very helpful. It’s Community Sunday this weekend so that would be a great opportunity to decide what most needs doing. Hope to see you there. Norman


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