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Eyes in our Skies

You know the old adage that if you want something done with technology – find a five-year-old?  Well, it turns out that an eleven-year-old and her team can do even better.

Charlotte, Lewis and Amelia (Pilot)

For months now, we have wanted some aerial footage of our site.  Finally, last weekend, Phil on Plot 35 came to our aid, offering the services of his crack drone team.

So, for the first time, sit back, relax and enjoy these eyes in the skies over Garthdee Allotments.  Can you spot your own plot?


Formula 1 Skills


Exciting Find


  1. Vinny Goss

    Hi Norman

    Just a bit of feedback – I would remove the need to enter your email and details when you ‘Like’ an article on the page as it puts people off. This should be a one tick simple operation.

    • Norman

      Cheers, Vinny, thank you. I was not aware of this system requirement, but I wonder if it only applies when a comment is left and the first time a user responds? In any case, I’ll look into it and see what leeway we have. Norman.


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