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Dodgy Geezers Alert

These two well dodgy characters were spotted yesterday.

They appeared to be trying to sneak a stolen tractor on site.  Where they had hidden the rest of the tractor we are not sure.  However, they were entirely brazen in their efforts and looked pretty determined. It appeared that one was providing the muscle while the other was the brains behind the scheme. They were described as being adult males, Caucasian, but with the mental age of 10-year-olds. Plotters are asked to inform the authorities if they are seen again but advised not to approach them.  You can’t be too careful. I am sure Anne and Susan would agree.


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  1. Me dodgy? Only doing as instructed officer!!!

  2. Susan Wilkie

    Ha ha, that’s brilliant Norman!! Yes the 2 accused are most definitely my husband Philip and our neighbour on site Vinnie, very dodgy characters indeed!!
    Thanks Vinnie for your help with this, let’s see how long it takes to be assembled??


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