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Soil Conditioner for sale

Please see the note below which Pat passed on to me from Angus Craig. I’m happy to receive any notes of interest and organise a delivery if that’s possible – i.e. if there is demand is for 80 bags. Stuart (Plot 8)

I have some 100% natural soil conditioner that I’ve been using on our farm and at home in our poly tunnel seeing great results. The conditioner is a by-product of the Buchan Biogas Anaerobic Digestion plant that is on our farm. The conditioner is made from precision chopped plant matter which has had the methane gas extracted from it to supply Peterhead homes with domestic gas. Meaning the conditioner is 100% renewable and better for the environment than artificially produced soil conditioner whilst still providing high levels of NPK.

The conditioner is a great source of organic matter, ideal for improving soil structure and improving plants ability to hold on to moisture, essential in a dry year like this.

This is the only soil conditioner of its kind for sale in Scotland which I am selling for £4/bag for a 20kg bag. So far I have had a few big orders a bit further afield than Peterhead, however if I can fill my trailer (80 bags) I am willing to deliver further afield within Aberdeenshire. It would be greatly appreciated if you could pass on some of this information to allotment reps.

Kind regards, Angus Craig



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  1. Marion Tierney Strachan

    Hi Stuart

    We are keen to order 80 odd bags of the natural soil conditioner for our allotment at Easter Anguston . Can you please advise how best to contact Angus re this matter.

    Kind regards

    • Norman

      Hello Marion – I have dropped you an email with contact details. Best wishes, Norman.

  2. Jane Christie

    Hi I am interested in ordering 80 bags of the soil conditioner to help with setting up a growing area on our smallholding . Could I have the contact details please ?

    Thank you


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