After months of delays, repeated failures and resulting frustrations, we finally managed to find a firm willing and able to come and remove the last remaining large storage container this week.

The removal clears the space for the construction of a large storage facility that will be positioned next to the new Cabin Workshop, taking the pressure off of it, the Lawnmower Garage, the Bothy and the Octagon. We will now be able to get each of these working more efficiently for the purposes they were intended. It’s especially pleasing that this means we will be able to reinstate the storage space for the bank of communal tools for the use of new arrivals on site and Micro-Plotters.

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of Barry and Kay who offered the Association their large shed for communal use when they gave up their plot in the course of last year. We hope to get it erected and refurbed in its new position over the next few weeks.