GFAA is delighted to acknowledge the generosity extended by Stork in supporting the good work undertaken by the Association in the many ‘Community Support Programmes’ we undertake. In particular, we are extremely grateful for the provision of surplus scaffold boards which are used in the building of raised beds and the formation of pathways on community projects. In addition, many of our plotters are putting boards to good use in the formation of paths, vegetable and fruit beds and shed bases etc. As you might imagine in these times of austerity, we struggle to obtain funding to support the many activities we undertake with deserving individuals and groups in the community. We have regular ‘Volunteer Helpers’ who visit the Allotment weekly and we work closely with local school children to introduce them to gardening. The scaffold boards go a long way towards improving the our site overall. Once again our sincere thanks to STORK for their generous support.