GFAA secured funding which allowed the Bothy to be re-purposed and refurbished. We successfully submitted a bid to NHS Grampian’s Neighbourhood Health, Health Improvement Fund.

Our new initiative for the Bothy was called, “The Potting Shed Plus Project” and extended our long-standing commitment to active community engagement and spread the health benefits of outdoor working beyond those who have plots and out into the wider community. The “Plus” in the title refers to the fact that the project will support both Gardening and DIY learning activities.

During the summer months, tutorials and workshop sessions will focus on gardening skills and communal growing. Over the rest of the season, activities will focus on Do It Yourself work generally and specifically on small-scale woodworking and garden equipment repair projects.

These will aim to support an appreciation of being and working out of doors in nature and associated health benefits. Examples include: building greenhouse staging, planters, storage systems, benches and tables, bird boxes, cold frames, bug hotels etc. and repairing hand tools and other equipment. These will be used on site and made available to local community organisations.

GFAA gratefully thank NHS Grampian for their support and funding of The Potting Shed Plus Project.