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Shed Break-ins

Last night there has been a series of break-ins at GFAA sheds, and a large number have had padlocks sheared with bolt cutters.

Could you please:

1 check the security of your shed as soon as practicable, and where this has been compromised, reinstate security promptly

2 where things have been stolen, itemise these and inform the police yourself. This is the most effective way in which we can benefit from increased patrols near the site.

Thanks and Best Regards

Michael Hart
Secretary – GFAA


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  1. Val milne

    Hi all, we have a padlock which is bolt cutter resistant so they just crow barred the door open. We reported this to the police tonight and they are going to meet us at the octagon on Tuesday 10th July at 9 pm. Would be a good chance for as many people as possible to be there to give the police some idea of the scale of what happened on Saturday night / Sunday morning. Regards Val and Will plot 23

    • Norman

      Thanks Val and Will. I telephoned this afternoon and was informed of a meeting with the police at 12.30 on Tuesday. By that time several plotters had phoned in. Stuart is keen that we each phone in reporting our individual break-ins. The more individual instances reported the more seriously they will take the situation. Norman Plot 81.

  2. Stewart Gilchrist

    Thank for let me know about the shed break in l went to my allotment 66A l realised that my shed padlock was cut by bolt cutters l checked every thing nothing was stolen . I understand l am not only one there numbers of she’d been break in. I am worried we might not be lucky the next time. I am pass my comments about the allotments there is too many strangers walk round at night time and some of them walk with there dogs l have seen dog owners let their dogs foul


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