Committee Membership
Garthdee Field Allotments Association (GFAA) elects three office bearers and a management committee.  The current membership is:

Office Bearers

Stuart OramChair8cstuartoram at yahoo.com07786648223
Anne ArthurSecretary92aannerthr2 at
Ranald CameronTreasurer73rancam0607 at gmail.com07811778710
Office Bearers

Committee Members

NamePlotEmailPlot Rep
Norman Coutts81gfaawebhelper at
Phil Wilkie35pgwilkie539 at
Stewart Gilchrist59stewart.gilchrist at
Ron Stephen65aronstephen at sky.com47 – 66
Steve Jennings72steveo3101 at sky.com67 – 86
Stuart Oram8cstuartoram at yahoo.com1 – 46
Anne Arthur92aannerthr2 at gmail.com88-100
Committee Members and Plot Representatives

[All email addresses have @ instead of at and no spaces.]

There is one vacancy

[All addresses have @ instead of at and no spaces.]

Committee vacancies
Association members wishing to join the committee can discuss possibilities with any committee member, but formal approaches should be made to Stuart.

Contacting us
We welcome contact with everyone interested in GFAA.  We appreciate your interest and will be back in touch asap.  It will help us get back to you quickly if approaches are made according to the responsibilities shown above.  If in doubt feel free to contact any member of the committee.