Minutes of GFAA Committee meeting at 7.00pm on 19 March 2013
at 7 South Crown Street, Aberdeen

Attendance: Stuart Oram, George Tulloch, Ranald Cameron, Rupert hunt, Ken Locke

Apologies: Carlos Galan-Diaz, Mike Hart, Mike Fairhurst

Opening of Meeting: The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present to the first committee meeting of the new season.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Chairman informed the group that he had received correspondence from Richard Powell requesting that the minutes be amended to read Susan Powell instead of his name. Amendment to be made and minutes adopted.

Micro Plots: the Chairman reported that the GFAA are still in dispute with Aberdeen City Council regarding the terminology and usage of the micro plots.

Items for next General Meeting: The Chairman informed the group that he had provisionally compiled an Agenda for the next General Meeting and will circulate with the Committees approval. the items to be included are as follows:

Proposed Federation from ACC
Auditing of Plots – next audit to take place on 15/4/13
ACC Document regarding “Managing an Allotment”
Plot Fees
Site Access/Security
Communal Work on Site
Disabled Allotment
BBQ – provisional dates 2/6/13 and 1/9/13

The Committee agreed the proposed Agenda

General Meeting: The date of the next General Meeting was agreed for Tuesday 30 April 2013.

ACC Allotment Guidance Notes: The ACC have compiled guidance notes regarding managing an allotment and are to be circulated.

Funds: Ranald Cameron reported that the GFAA funds currently stand at £803.22


Pruning Class – There was a feeling amongst the committee that last year’s pruning class was very successful and would like this repeated.

Task – The Secretary was tasked with enquiring about pruning class.

Wild Flower Border – The Chairman informed the group that he had been in discussion with Terry Scott from Slopefield regarding a wild flower border around the site and it was felt that   there would be merit in possibly arranging a wild flower class for the association.

Task – Chairman to enquire about the possibility of a workshop for growing wild flowers.

Closure: There were no other items of business and the meeting was closed.