Minutes of the Garthdee Field Allotments Association Committee Meeting

(Held at Craigiebuckler Avenue on Tuesday 28 February 2012 at 7pm)


George Tulloch (Depute Secretary), Stuart Oram (Chairman), Ranald Cameron (Treasurer), Carlos Galan, Ken Locke and Ian Shand.

Introduction from Chairman

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present.

    1. Treasurer’s Update   

The Treasurer informed the committee that there was now £562 in the bank, the increase from the AGM being down to members joining the Association.
Fund raising was discussed and it was agreed that a monthly raffle for funds should be considered with the committee members collecting monies from allotment holders.

    2. Secretary’s Update   

The Secretary informed the committee that membership now stood at 62 members which is equal to 61% of the allotment holders at the site.

    3. Allocation of Allotments

Ian Shand provided the committee with a full update of the status of transfers between the starter plots to full and half plots, which had been vacated.

    4. Management of Starter Plots

Ian Shand informed the committee that there have been issues regarding starter plot holders not wishing to progress onto larger plots when they become available. The Chairman informed the committee that the City Council is now calling starter plots ‘micro plots’ with it being unclear as to the origins or intentions surrounding the name ‘micro plot’. The starter plot idea originated from the GFAA as a way of reducing the waiting list and assessing the ability of newcomers to cope with a larger plot. It is intended only as a temporary arrangement before transfer to the larger plots.

    5. Social Activities for This Year    

The Committee noted that there were no social activities published for the year to date.

Task – Secretary to contact the Social Committee requesting a programme of events for this year.

    6. Communal Work on Site

Orchard Development – The Chairman informed the committee that the City Council were willing to level the spoil beside the Orchard before April.

Task – Secretary to arrange suitable date for the work to be undertaken.

Bothy Clean out – The Chairman suggested that the Bothy could do with cleaning out probably over a weekend and volunteers will be requested to assist.

Rubbish Removal from Plots – The Committee agreed to organise a rubbish clearing day from the site. Now that we have sufficient funds, we intend to hire a skip and any rubbish which cannot be removed from the allotments, or burned, can be placed within the skip.

Bonfire – The Committee agreed to hold a bonfire for all materials from the plots which can be burned, on Saturday 21 April 2012.

BBQ – Ken Locke informed the committee that he would like to build a barbeque from the waste stones collected during the levelling of the Orchard.

    7. Schedule For 2012 Meetings

After discussion the Committee agreed that the schedule for 2012 meetings should take place on the following dates, which will require ratification.

General Meetings –    17 or 18 April
26 or 27 June
4 or 5 September
AGM –                         13 or 14 November

    8. AOB

Website – to contain updates from the Committee meeting.

Water – to be turned on after the threat of the last frosts disappears.