We are very proud to anounce that one of our efforts to reach-out to other communities paid off at the end of last year.  We would also like to extend a big thanks to Stuart who took on the challenge and delivered it without fault.   If interested, please read on the press release by RGU:

 How does your garden grow? [Tuesday, 20 December, 2011]

First-year students from the Scott Sutherland School took part in the second annual 2-day Entrepreneurial Challenge on 3 and 4 November to design a structure for the Garthdee community allotments in order to enhance and integrate the modules taught during Stage  1.

Over 130 students took part in nine interdisciplinary teams comprising first year Surveying, Architecture and Architectural Technology  students, and were tasked with a brief to design and cost an allotment structure suited to 21st century gardening and the local environment.

Allotments Chairman, Stuart Oram, acted as a real client and also formed part of the judging panel to select the winning proposal along with David McClean, Head of School, and lecturers Alan Watson, Graeme McRobbie and Neil Lamb.

Students put forward plans illustrating the concept design, costs and appropriateness of the proposed structure, with some teams focusing on designs for communal or individual use.

The winning team, Group 4, were selected for their functional timber building, capable of being placed at the corner of an allotment to form one of four similar structures where the allotments meet.

Alan Watson, Lecturer at the School who organised the project, comments:
“The team’s design and associated fenestration allowed for natural light and was also secure. The judging panel, and in particular the Allotments Chairman, were particularly impressed by the idea of similar buildings meeting at a central point to encourage a communal atmosphere as well as the design’s simplicity, functionality and cost effectiveness.  “The main aim of the Entrepreneurial Challenge is to encourage students to take part in a live project and learn from their built environment peers. Further to this, by encouraging students to work well together on joint projects from first-year, we hope they will become co-managers in their learning journey. The multi-disciplinary groups also reflect the type of teams graduates would work with in industry.”

The winning team, Yasmin Al-Obaidi, Stewart Hancock, Cameron Irving, Lee Johnstone, Gary Lowe, Robert Lucas, Finlay Macbeath, Alasdair Macdonald, Ewan Maclachlan, Erica Malaguti, Fraser Manson, Andrew Mccallum, Reiss Mcleod and Ashleigh Thomson, were presented with the entrepreneurial shield by Stuart Oram in an awards ceremony at the School.